Architecture is a social art. Architects sometimes design and even build buildings with personal ideas, but most buildings are designed to meet social needs. Architects are usually expected to design a particular building in a specific location. Many people are involved in the process of building a building; it requires a great deal of capital and resources and expertise other than the architect.

Today, BIM technology is used as a principle in design and implementation in advanced countries. Based on this technology, designers and architects should also strive to develop architectural designs and designs that are compatible with the software. One of the services of the maratutech company is to convert 2D, 3D architectural designs to 3D maps that can be used in BIM systems.

Martustech strives to meet the growing needs of the industry by providing architectural services and architectural mapping through Revit software as quickly as possible and by adhering to design and synchronization standards with the BIM system.

The presentational industry in today’s world plays an important role in convincing investors and employers. The importance of this issue in the design and implementation of the building has increased with every force and the need to transform the architectural designs into virtual reality in order to compete in the building industry. Maratustech offers unique services in converting architectural designs to virtual reality by using Lumion and V-Ray software.