Ericsson AIR3239 NR2.3-3.6

Ericsson AIR3239 Key to AIR Unit Dimension

AIR Unit TypeHeight (A)Width (B)Depth (C)
AIR 3239 B40590516205
AIR 3239 B77B563411186
AIR 3239 B78C563411166
AIR 3239 B78F563411178
AIR 3239 B78G563411166

Installation Requirements

This section describes the installation requirements for installing the AIR unit. For a complete installation description, see Install Antenna Integrated Radio Units.

The AIR unit is only for outdoor use, and it can be installed either on a pole, on a wall, on a mast, or on a tower.

Adhere to the following for safety and operation reasons: The mechanical design of the AIR unit is based on environmental conditions that are equal to or exceeding class 4.1 as specified in EN 300 019-1-4 and GR-3178-CORE and thereby respects the static mechanical load imposed on an AIR unit by wind at maximum velocity. Wind loads in this document are calculated with reference to wind pressure. For more accurate results, the specific terrain information for relevant sites and geographical area where the AIR unit will be installed must be carefully analyzed, considered, and calculated according to EN 1991-1-4.

Pole clamps, brackets, mounting accessories and other installation material or equipment specified by Ericsson in the AIR unit product information documentation must be used and Ericsson installation instructions be complied with. In addition, it must be observed that specific environmental conditions that the AIR unit becomes exposed to, such as icing, heat, dust, dynamic stress (for example, strain caused by oscillating support structures) or other environmental conditions that exceed or otherwise deviate from the Environmental Characteristics on page 17, can result in the breakage of an AIR unit or its mounting accessories and even cause the AIR unit to fall to the ground.

These facts, information, and circumstances must be considered and properly taken into account during the site planning process and adhered to for installation and operation of the AIR unit. Ericsson expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability arising out of failures in this regard.

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