Antennas EME Exclusion Zones

Prior to Revision 6, the Antennas EME Exclusion Zones drawing (‘R1’), when provided, showed occupational and general public EME exclusion zones ‘plume’ diagrams, based on information provided by Optus, for single isolated antennas with no allowance for the cumulative effects of adjacent antennas nor an allowance for total EME from multiple band antennas.
From Revision 6 onwards, the ‘R1’ drawing shall not be produced for Optus drawing packages. Reference to the Radio Communications Site Management Book (RCSMB) for EME ‘plumes’ for existing and proposed antennas at the site or to a preliminary RF drawing will be made on the Site Specifications ‘G1’ drawing. Refer to Section 5.2.
In exceptional circumstances, the ‘R1’ drawing may be produced only to show physical public EME exclusion zones required on the site as a result of Optus antennas where standard drawings OSD-170 or OSD-180 are deemed insufficient or the site layout ‘G3’ and/or site elevation ‘G4’ drawings are too crowded or are at an inappropriate scale. The ‘R1’ drawing shall not show antenna EME ‘plumes’.
When provided, the ‘R1’ drawing should contain the following information:
 Site plan and if required, full or part-elevation
 Show all physical (barriers) and administration (marker tape, signage) control measures
 Note reference to the Radio Communications Site Management Book (RCSMB) for ‘live’ status of
existing EME ‘plumes’ at the site or an EME report for proposed antennas

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