Why use a Sector Assembly?

Increased Safety

  • Less time working at height, Less high-risk activities on-site, reduced manual handling, and reduced exposure to environmental factors.

Decreased outage quality

  • Installation within 24 hours, Less weather dependent.

High build quality

  • Designed and manufactured to Australian Standards.

Testing and QA off-site

  • Less time troubleshooting on-site, multiple in lab testing.

Decrease wind loading

  • Decreased loading by efficient positioning of equipment which is crucial for alleviating the need for structure and footing strengthening.


  • Adaptable for different site types, capable of accommodating future upgrade equipment (5G and mmW)

Rapid Deployment

  • Lift from truck to headframe takes approx. 30mins, designed for easy installation, rapid call off a logistics perspective as units are manufactured and available for immediate delivery to site.

Lower installation cost

  • Less labor, reduced crane and EWP hire, Testing and certification completed prior to installation

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