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Rooftop Antenna Structure Design

If the antenna structure is on a rooftop, the following factors must be considered:
Determine which equipment is to be mounted on the rooftop for each sector.
Determine where the antennas are to be located on the rooftop, where equipment mounts
are to be attached, and where the RF equipment is to be attached to the equipment
Verify that all RF equipment, and the mounting components, will be adequately supported.
Conduct a structural assessment if necessary, and devise a strengthening proposal if
Verify that the existing cables’ lengths are less than the maximum for the current to be
carried by the RRUs and AAUs, as per Table 5-1.
If any existing or proposed cable run exceeds the maximum length for 10mm² wires, refer
the issue to Vodafone’s Central Standards team for resolution.
As with the tower design (Section 5.3.1), the Sector Assembly is the preferred solution for rooftop
sites wherever possible.

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