Optus Not For Construction Drawings

NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION drawings are occasionally used to acquire (in property terms) the nominated preferred candidate site. The NFC site package includes a site layout and set-out, a site elevation, and a cover sheet. The NFC package is usually based on the site survey. Use the OPTUS-FC.dwg drawing template  with issue status NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION. Drawing layouts in the template not required at NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION stage should be retained in readiness for the FOR CONSTRUCTION stage. New work is now noted ‘OPTUS’ and no longer noted as ‘PROPOSED’. All relevant existing features arenoted as ‘EXISTING’. The site layout and set-out drawing(s) are usually drawn from the site survey. The set-out of the equipment shelter (or fit-out) and the set-out of the antennas should be finalised at this point to facilitate preparation of a lease (or licence) in order to acquire the site.
A pdf copy of the latest NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION drawings shall be uploaded on to the Optus MNISLibrary under the Site number and Work Authority number released for the Works.

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