As Built Redline Drawing Requirements in Telco industry

As part of its Supplier’s QMP, the Phase 3 & 4 Supplier must have a process for the redline marking-up of the For Construction drawing set.
The purpose of the redline drawings it to provide an interim copy of the drawings recording and documenting the exact as-built condition of the site after the works are complete, before the final CAD Asbuiltdrawings are available. The Phase 3 & 4 Supplier is fully responsible for the content of the redline drawings.

The latest version of the For-Construction drawings must be used and are to be marked up neatly by hand in red pen or electronically (e.g. PDF) in red, showing the final as-built arrangement and condition of the site. The redline drawing mark-ups must:

  • document items that have been built correctly to the specified FC Drawing requirement with a redtick () next to the relevant note, drawing detail, dimension, etc;

  • document any changes to the drawings in sufficient detail with dimension, member sizes, bolts spacing & type, etc, so that the Phase 2 Supplier is able to use this information to update the CAD drawings to produce the As-built drawings;

  • cross out any items not built with a red cross

  • as per the requirements in OSD-070, including cross-out all words relating to NEW or PROPOSED and the space after the words. There is no need to replace NEW or PROPOSED with EXISTING.

  • update all text in future tense to present tense, eg, change “INSTALL OPTUS RRU ONPROPOSED NEW MOUNT” to “OPTUS RRU ON MOUNT”

  • not cross out or delete any equipment shown on the drawings that has not been installed. Add the comment “FUTURE EQUIPMENT BY OTHERS”.

The Phase 3 & 4 Supplier must not vary any of the Build or Integration works from the specifics of the Site FC Drawings without an approved DRFI. Relevant HOP documents are to be submitted to Optus in the Phase 3 & 4 HOP. Redline drawings are not to be used as a replacement for producing final CAD as-built drawings. The Phase 3 & 4 Supplier is to submit the Redline Drawing to Optus within the relevant Phase 3 & 4 HOP. Any Phase 3 & 4 HOP approval does not constitute acceptance of the Redline drawing content

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