New Works at Existing Sites

If new works are to be carried out at an existing Optus site (such as network re-arrangement, technology upgrade or transmission upgrade) then the relevant AS BUILT Site Drawings stored on the Optus DMS database shall be revised in accordance with Section 6.
The additions and/or changes to affected drawings only, however, changes are not tagged or clouded. Drawing status reverts back to FOR CONSTRUCTION. New drawings are added as required and stored on the Optus vendor’s local area network and listed under the appropriate section(s) of the revised cover sheet.
New Optus equipment (antennas, mounts, feeder cables, etc.) shall be noted ‘NEW OPTUS’ and existing Optus equipment noted ‘EXISTING OPTUS’. All other relevant existing features are noted as ‘EXISTING’. The cover sheet status shall be appropriate to the type of work to be carried out such as ‘NETWORK REARRANGEMENT’,‘TRANSMISSION UPGRADE’, etc.
Existing relevant information (text, notes, set-out dimensions, etc.) shall be retained. All retained text and dimensions shall be changed to colour “white” as per Section 7.3, including (now) existing Optus antennas, equipment, cable ladder, etc.
A pdf copy of the FOR CONSTRUCTION drawing package (cover sheet, all relevant layouts amended pertaining to the upgrade, existing AS BUILT ‘G1’ and/or ‘G2’ layouts if not amended for the upgrade, plus on occasion any relevant previous issue drawings with appropriate previous release status to aid in construction of such upgrade) shall be copied on to the Optus MNIS Library under the Site number and
Work Authority number released for the work.
Upon completion of the additional site works, the Optus contractor will provide marked up (‘redline’) copies of the FOR CONSTRUCTION drawings for production of the AS BUILT drawings in accordance with Section 3.6 and Section 6.
A pdf copy of the AS BUILT complete drawing package (including all layouts not updated in the recent upgrade works such as old foundation, and other non-related design elements) shall be uploaded on to the Optus MNIS Library under the CAD folder for that site. The revision of those un-changed drawings will remain as previous issue on the coversheet.

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