What is As Built Drawings in Telecom Industry

As Built Drawings instruction

The Supplier’s QMP must set-out a process for the production of the Site As-Built drawings. As-built drawings are to be produced for all site works that involve any external works or external equipment installation. For some types of Site upgrade works For Construction Drawings will not be produced. In these cases, the Site drawings are to be updated after the site works and released in As-built format.

As-Built drawings are to be produced as soon as possible after the build and installation works are complete. The DRFIs, Redline drawings, Site As-Built Compliance Certificate (with the Phase 3 & 4section completed by the Phase 3 & 4 Supplier), Detailed photo pack are to be used as inputs into the production of the final CAD As-Built drawings. The As-Built drawings must accurately document the final as-built arrangement and condition of the site after all works are complete and properly document any changes to the site.

They are to be produced in from the latest For Construction Drawing set version, in AutoCAD in accordance with the requirements of
this Specification and are to be released as an AB version release. Any changes to engineering details documented on the drawings during construction activities of a site must comply with the DRFI process and relevant HOP documents provided, in accordance with the
requirements OSD-010 Optus Design & Construction Specification. The Phase 3 & 4 Supplier must not vary any of the Build or Integration works from the specifics of the Site FC Drawings without an approved DRFI. Relevant HOP documents are to be submitted to Optus in the Phase 3 & 4 HOP.

The Phase 3 & 4 Supplier is to submit the As-built drawings to Optus within the relevant Phase 3 & 4 HOP. All changes and additions shall be clearly marked up. In particular, site confirmed dimensions for shelter/fit-out, antenna locations, cable ladder runs and structural details.
Items that are removed (e.g. section of existing fence to be removed during construction) shall be deleted from the model space and associated annotation removed from the paper space layout(s). Text tense should be altered – even if not marked up. Previous revisions tags shall be removed.

AS BUILT status will be recorded as ‘AB’ for the original Site Drawings. If small changes or corrections occur soon after the AS BUILT drawings are issued, then affected drawings shall be revised and re-issued as ‘AB1’. Revisions annotation shall be in accordance with Section 6.5.

For any further works at a site, the AS BUILT status will also be recorded as ‘AB’, irrespective of AB1, etc. status for the previous as built drawings. The issue date will define which AS BUILT set is being referenced. The pdf copy of the complete AS BUILT drawing package (including all drawings updated for the current build/upgrade works plus all drawings/layouts not updated in the recent upgrade works such as old foundation, structural details and other non-related design elements with appropriate previous AB status) shall be include in the HOP documents to Optus. The revision of those un-changed drawings will remain as previous issue on the coversheet. Once approved and issued, ‘new’ AS BUILT drawings shall be returned to Optus by uploading them into the Optus DMS database, as directed by Optus, and without undue delay. Revisions to existing AS BUILT drawings sourced from the Optus DMS database shall be carried out in accordance with Sections 6.1 and 6.2. Uploading of AS BUILT drawings onto the Optus DMS shall be done in accordance with Section 6.3.

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