Optus For Construction Drawings instruction

FOR CONSTRUCTION drawing package for a new and existing sites shall include a cover sheet (00sheet), site specifications (G1 sheet), overall site plan (G2 sheet), site layout and set-out (G3 sheet), site elevation (G4 sheet), antenna system configuration (A1 sheet) and RF plumbing diagram (A2 sheet), Shelter floor layout (F1 sheet) plus relevant drawings for antenna mounts, shelter supports, cable ladders, etc. If linked to the network via microwave radio antenna, a site transmission drawing (T1 sheet) shall be included.
FOR CONSTRUCTION package drawing(s) shall be based on the site survey .Use the approved drawing template with issue status FOR CONSTRUCTION.
New work is noted ‘OPTUS’. All relevant existing features are noted as ‘EXISTING’. The set-out of the equipment shelter (or fit-out) and the antennas shall be finalised at this point to facilitate preparation of a lease (or licence) in order to acquire the site. All details related to the construction of the site should be finalised at this point.
Any items not finalised, such as geotechnical investigation report, structural assessment of an existing tower, design of antennas mounts, etc. shall be clearly noted on the Site Drawings as such. for production of FOR CONSTRUCTION drawings for works at existing Optus sites. If FOR CONSTRUCTION drawings are superseded by a completely new site design (that is, the original preferred site has ‘fallen over’) then the old drawings should be moved to a suitable archive on the Optus vendor’s LAN and a new set of FOR CONSTRUCTION drawings produced using the same numbers as the ‘dead’ site, starting with Revision A.
The drawing pack Cover Sheet shall be used appropriately to manage the drawings being release for the relevant construction work. Old drawings or drawings not updated for the relevant works shall not be deleted from the Cover Sheet and should remain as per their previous release status. A pdf copy of the FOR CONSTRUCTION drawing package (cover sheet, all relevant layouts pertaining to the upgrade , etc) plus any relevant previous issue drawings to aid in construction of such upgrade shall be included in the drawing package and with appropriate previous release status) shall be uploaded on to the Optus MNIS Library under the Site number and Work Authority number released for the Works.

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