OPTUS Site Design Environmental Protection


The Supplier will take all steps necessary to protect the environment and in particular will meet the requirements of this section.

Surface Waters

Any surface water collected on site is to be discharged in a manner that will not cause soil erosion or damage to any permanent works or structures.

 Erosion and Sedimentation

Erosion and sediment control measures will:

a) Divert uncontaminated runoff from outside the Works around and clear of the Works.
b) Pass uncontaminated water through the Works without mixing the contaminated runoff from the Works.
c) Prevent contaminated water leaving the site.
d) Include the revegetation of disturbed areas in accordance with the Specification.

Noise Levels

The Supplier will ensure that State and Local Regulations are complied with in regard to noise levels produced by their own or their Sub-Supplier’s equipment or methods of construction.The Supplier will notify Optus of potentially noisy out-of-hours works (eg, crane lift, road works,etc.). The Supplier will minimise noise disturbance and only carry out the works required to be done out-of-hours.

Dust Control


The Supplier will take all necessary steps to limit the creation of any dust nuisance which might arise during the execution of the Works to the satisfaction of the Local Authorities and the Site Provider. If necessary, the Supplier will regularly water all access tracks and construction areas. Optus may direct that work cease until such time as any particular dust nuisance has been controlled to the satisfaction of Optus, local authorities and Site Provider.

 Preservation of Flora

The Supplier and their employees and sub-contractors will refrain from destroying, removing or clearing trees, timber and scrub unless specifically required on the Site Drawings or approved in writing by the relevant authority

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