Telco Power Equipment

Power Equipment

The DC Circuit Breakers on the power supply must be labeled by updating the Circuit Breaker Legend sheet as per Figure 1.  A fresh print out of the label is the only acceptable method as handwriting is not allowed. As well as attaching one to the power system, a digital copy should also be provided as part of the site Integration and Commissioning documentation. Stickers should not be placed on the Circuit Breaker front panel as they usually fall off or are not removed when equipment is recovered.
Eltek FP2 can be either a 16kW System or a 24kW system. The 16kW system can be fully populated with a maximum of 8 x 2kW Rectifiers. The 24kW system can have a maximum of 6 x 3kW Rectifiers. Note the 24kW system has warning stickers on the final two rectifier slots. These slots cannot be populated without consulting an Electrical Engineer. See figures 1 and 2 below.



Figures 1 : Eltek FP2 with 6 x 2kW rectifier layout





Figure 2: Eltek FP2 6 x 3kW Rectifier layout with warning stickers


Both the Operators will also deploy the Huawei PSU. This can be fully populated with 6x 3KW rectifiers.

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